One-state solution: Tryin to convince Israel to commit suicide

Antisemites who pretend to be peace activists enjoy calling for “solutions” that erase the world’s only Jewish state and turn it  into an Arab-Muslim state.

Have you noticed that Iraq is filled with insane psychopaths who mass-murder each other?

Have you seen lunatics in Syria kill 150,000 people in just two years?

Have you seen Egypt try for democracy yet fail, over and over and over?

Have you seen Palestinians use democracy to elect Hamas, who are completely unhinged radical jihadists?

Have you seen how misrable the Arab+Muslim countries in the human rights department? ANd how awful minorities are treated in Arab countries?

Max Blumenthal and his extreme-left anti-semitic crowd knows this, and that’s what they promote for Israel!

You see, Israel has built the most succesful country in the entire Middle East. BY FAR. It isn’t even close. Blumenthal and his allies have to know this — so what’s their solution? Merge the world’s only Jewish state with millions of people who just spent 60 years trying to blow up the Jews! Merge them all together! And magically, peace will develop!



How to write about Israel, Max Blumenthal style

Do you want to write about Israel like Max Blumenthal does?

Here is how to do it!

1) Anything bad that even one Israel does, use that to demonize all Israelis and the entire country, including its very existence.

Example: If some drunk Israeli says something stupid, it represents the view of every single Israeli ever. But only the Jewish Israelis, of course.

2) Anything bad that some lying jihadist lunatic says about Israel, assume it’s true, broadcast it, exaggerate it, and rant about it every hour for weeks in a row

3) Any information that defends Israel in any way, simply leave it out! Who needs it!

4) Any attacks against Israeli Jews, simply omit it! Who needs that information?

5) If any Jewish person is ever mean to an Arab person, it’s representative of the entire Israeli Jewish population.

6) If an Arab person is  mean to a Jewish person, it didn’t happen, or just don’t mention it, or somehow blame Jews or Israel for it.

There’s more, but you get the idea!

Israel analysis, Max Blumenthal style!


Israel analysis

Max Blumenthal’s Israel analysis is the same every day. Let’s review the schedule

Mondays: Blumenthal demonizes Israel

Tuesdays: Blumenthal insults Israel

Wednesdays: Blumenthal attacks Israel

Thursdays: Blumenthal bashes Israel

Fridays: Blumenthal hurls negative sarcasm at Israel

Saturdays: Blumenthal slams Israel

Sunays: Blumenthal unleashes anti-Israel analysis that is “fair and balanced” – other than being 100% anti-Israel